Red Ventures CEO pledges to give away much of his wealth

Think he might help out the local university?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Elias,

I would like a Garmin Panopix Livescope with Garmin Force trolling motor. I think a 60” 24v should work

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The Ric Elias Press Box Tower @ Richardson Stadium?

He’ll probably only give it to some Bill Gates type organization…which is essentially like burning it.


I think it is funny that these rich people cannot make decisions themselves and look to each other on how what to do with their money. I think even if I had a billion that I can make the decisions myself on who to leave it or how to spread give it away upon death.

He’s a huge college basketball fan. Built a full court indoor gym at his house at Quail.

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Dude’s giving away HIS money and a couple people are not happy with how he’s doing it. HIS money.


Some people don’t like how Sanchez is coaching HIS team….

Apples and oranges.