What did Florida State do to get the Duke Refs suspended for a game?

Seriously, there was more handchecking going on by the st. louis guards than I have ever seen, and that includes a handful of UAB games. Curtis gets absolutely murdered, like every game. Coleman gets called for a moving screen even though he was turning to hand the ball off (kind of like Rhode Islands offense) and St. louis did it EVERY time down. What does bobby do to get so many T’s, why does chris nance pick up such cheap fouls, did the black ref even have a whistle on him tonight?

And finally how much is the demolition crew going to cost our athletic department to tear down the small house that vi-f’n-ucus lived in for hours in the lane every offensive possession.

yea, I still trying to figure that Coleman one out.

What was up with that technical on Bobby? Too close to the court? Can someone please explain.

That was confusing, what did he do?

The bald ref’s foul calls went something like 15 against Charlotte, 1 agasint SLU. Gotta be fair & impartial after all.

I am sick at how bad our defense was on a few key possessions, but I have absolutely had it with A 10 officiating. Memo to the conference, we screw ourselves over well enough, we dont need to get f–ked by the zebras too.

As bad as we played in the last two minutes,we could have won that game if not for the B.S. officiating. How many other teams in the country have their home floor treated like its the away team’s floor? Ridiculous.

I agree the officiating in this league is horrifying. I hope our administration expresses disapproval with the with the quality of officiating in the off-season. Apparently the conference needs to up the pay to officials to attract some talent in that area.

After watching some games over the past couple weeks of lesser conferences (bracket buster, etc…), the A-10 looks like it has the bottom of the barrel…

The one play where it was either Lee or Coleman that passed inside to Curt and the ball goes out of bounds and Curt was held like he had handcuffs on him the one ref right in front of Curt calls Saint Louis ball, and the other ref runs all the way from half court to make the call… wow that was bad officiating.

The Ts are simple to explain. Bobby has a reputation for whinning throughout the game and refs simply look for it each and every night. If a coach is prone for getting t’d up a ref will be more apt to call it. Bobby has cost us several games over the past years throwing his Opie Taylor temper tantrums. i say throw his butt out each and every game since we have so many assistants with game coaching experience. Oh, thats right we don’t!

they missed a ton of real calls on both teams, i know we got away with a lot as well.

what was real annoying was when they would make some very weak calls at random times almost as if trying to meet a “quota”.

im not sure what game they were watching. the bald ref would miss a call that happened right in front of him, and another ref 20-30 feet away would come in and correct him. he (bald guy) in particular officiated as if he didnt care that the outcome rested in his hands.

I agree… the A-10 has to do something to get better officials. I’ve seen better officiating in high school games. The refs last night were inconsistnt at best and missed very obvious calls like who got posession when the ball was knocked out of bounds. How good of an official can you be when you can’t even tell if the ball goes in the basket or not (the ref who tried to give them two points for a missed shot). How does Mitch foul somebody when gets screened?

Are there no better officials available? Is the A-10 not paying enough?

There is coming at time when the landscape of college basketball will be dominated by these Power Conferences. Schools on the mid major level will be reduced to the level of play currently seen in Division I-AA or Division II. Its going to follow the example of college football. Everybody hates the BCS system except the schools in the BCS. These are the schools that make the money and thus it will never change. These Power Conferences could break away from the NCAA. In order to keep them from doing that, the NCAA will give them the better officials, better media coverage, and that leads to better coaches and better athletes. Its a vicious cycle in which Charlotte will be eaten up and spit back out.