Remaining games

There’s a lot of basketball left to be played folks. There is another logjam in the conference race with six teams and possibly 2 others close by that could have a say in the top 4 seeds if they get hot again.

Buckle up, cheer for the 49ers against Saint Louis!

Remaining Conference USA Games
Louisville– South Florida, at Marquette, Saint Louis, at Memphis, Charlotte, at DePaul
Charlotte – at Saint Louis, DePaul, at Tulane, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, at Louisville, at South Florida
DePaul – Cincinnati, at Charlotte, at Marquette, South Florida, Saint Louis, at Alabama Birmingham, Louisville
Memphis – Tulane, at Southern Mississippi, at Charlotte, Louisville, at Saint Louis, Cincinnati
Cincinnati – at DePaul, Southern Mississippi, Alabama Birmingham, Marquette, at Texas Christian, Tulane, at Memphis
Alabama Birmingham – at Texas Christian, East Carolina, at Cincinnati, at Saint Louis, Tulane, DePaul, at Houston
Texas Christian – Alabama Birmingham, at Houston, at Tulane, Cincinnati, South Florida, at Southern Mississippi
Houston – at Southern Mississippi, South Florida, Texas Christian, at East Carolina, at Marquette, Alabama Birmingham
Marquette – at East Carolina, Louisville, DePaul, at Cincinnati, Houston, Saint Louis
Saint LouisCharlotte, IUPU Fort Wayne, at Louisville, Alabama Birmingham, at DePaul, Memphis, at Marquette
South Florida – at Louisville, at Houston, East Carolina, at DePaul, at Texas Christian, Charlotte
Tulane – at Memphis, Charlotte, Texas Christian, at Alabama Birmingham, at Cincinnati, East Carolina
East Carolina – Marquette, at Alabama Birmingham, at South Florida, Southern Mississippi, Houston, at Tulane
Southern Mississippi – Houston, at Cincinnati, Memphis, at East Carolina, at Charlotte, Texas Christian

Yep, we’re on the final stretch. This is where we either make the jump to the next level or continue to be “on the verge”. Beat SLU!!!

Wow, Depaul really has a tough finish (Cincy, at Charlotte, at Marquette, at UAB, Louisville).

I think worst possible scenario for us is 20-7 with losses to Depaul, Memphis, and Louisville. I would predict 21-6. No, we won’t lose to St. Louis. It just isn’t going to happen.