Retro Bowl 🏈

Anyone else addicted to this Tecmo Bowl knockoff mobile game?

Super easy gameplay that has just enough challenge and variety to keep it fun. It also has GM functions built in, which are almost as much fun as the games are… Plus if you drop $1 to get the upgraded version, you can edit the teams.

I just started a new franchise…

I found it in early November and I can’t stop playing. The base version is free and isn’t covered in annoying ads. But the $1 version is definitely worth it. I have a loaded Panthers franchise that I could only dream of being real.


OMG. I eventually had to delete this devil game. It consumed me for a while.

clt says Healy!!!

I mean, that 2nd screen cap is a perfect meme.

I recently played some Nintendo games and this was one. I figured I would love the nostalgia but I got bored really quick.

Yes, I still play this game, almost daily. I’m a junkie.

But I do love how they keep updating it with new features.

Now if they would just make a proper R.B.I. Baseball clone.

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clt says it is great game to play at stoplights

FYI - There is now a Retro Bowl College.

It has the Niners & the American conference.

Our colors are off a bit. I paid $0.99 for the pro version which adds a few features including a team editor, where I was able to clean up our colors.

It’s kinda cool to compete for the American championship and a top bowl bid.

Recruiting so far seems harder than just signing free agents, because your budget only gets replenished by guys going pro and getting drafted.

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clt says this is amazing

Yeah just found the college version not too long ago! Can’t stop playing it and it’s a great hold over for college football 2025