RG3 Not Black Enough?


WTF kind of haterade? This is 10 times worse than what Rush said about McNabb when ESPN fired him. Will ESPN be equally responsive? Will they fire a black man that called another black man, not black enough?

This kinda thing really pisses me off. Do we really still have to do this stuff?

I don’t find that troubling at all, I find it hilarious. People that watch First Take should be castrated.

It pisses me off to, bust. I don’t go around telling you, you aren’t white enough. & who defines what is black enough, anyway?

Fired from ESPN


I don’t agree with SCK’s original statement that this is 10X worse than what Rush Limbaugh said. Both statements were equally ridiculous.

I thought Stephen A. Smith’s reaction to the whole thing was pretty appropriate. “Pfffft. Well, first of all, let me say this: I’m uncomfortable with where we just went.”

I think all this to-do about RGIII’s race is ridiculous. The kid is an excellent football player and has a good head on his shoulders. His race shouldn’t really make much difference.

“Every black ‘you’re not black enough’ is a white ‘you’re all the same’”
-Childish Gambino

To be honest, his skin is brown.

I googled the entire clip and to be honest he had lots of opportunities to bail himself out and he wouldn’t quit grinding on it.

Stephen A even told him, “Rob, you’re on National TV, you can’t say what you say in your barbershop on National TV.”

Sad day when Stephen A is the voice of reason.

I was thinking the same thing.

Rush did not use a derragatory term to describe McNabb. Parker did to describe RGIII. Big difference.

I understand the purpose of the show. It’s a sports talk shoe for Jerry Springer fans. But ESPN re-aired the original show later that day.

ESPN has lost all credibility. They apologize because Musberger said a lady who openly competes in beauty pageants is a good looking woman but re-air a show where a derragatory term is used to describe a QB.

Ask Bernie Fine where his apology is. It is a crap network.

clt says the only reasons to watch espn are lindsay czarniak and charissa thompson.

Ironically Lindsay Czarniak is married to Craig Melvin who, based on the fact he is married to a white woman, would be classified as a cornball brother by Rob Parker.

Anybody calls me not black enough, I’ll whup their arse! >:D

Anybody calls me not white enough, I’ll chuck norris their arse! This honkey don’t play! I may even do their taxes!

Anybody calls me not white enough, I’ll chuck norris their arse! This honkey don’t play! I may even do their taxes![/quote]

Well, in that case, you’re not white enough. I’ll be sending you my W-2 and some receipts.