Riddell mini football helmet modification help needed

Hey guys,

I ordered a Riddell mini football helmet from Amazon that is the classic white helmet, 49ers sticker.

I was wondering if any of you purchased one of these and painted it, added stripes to it, etc? If so, would you mind helping me with what specific types of paint you used and where you purchased your stripe stickers. I know it might not match exactly what helmet they use, but I like the conceptual art that fans made before the team formed a lot more than our current helmets.

I’m leaning towards using a green spray paint but thought about gold (similar to Notre Dame) as well if it looks good.

Any help (e.g. specific color/type/brand of spray paint, website to buy stripe stickers, etc) or tips would be very much appreciated!



Never modified an existing mini helmet but I have painted plastic parts before.

Plastic paint adhesive is a must not skip step.

I also don’t recommend any sanding at all, no matter how fine the grit.

I’d imagine automotive spray can paint and clear coat will finish the good off for you.

I’m thinking of going with one of the two as the base color.

This site: http://www.gridironfootballhelmets.com/mini_helmet_stripes.html seems like it could be a good option to get stripe stickers.

Or this site…

As of now this is the look I think I’m aiming for, mostly at least (since the sticker will be a little different)

Has anyone tried doing this design, or a gold one? I could have sworn back in the early 2010’s when we were campaigning for a team that someone modified one of these helmets similar to this idea.

Not sure that green matches too well. I used the lid and did a very rough (and sloppy) composite image of the lid as the backdrop to the helmet, just to check the color matching, and as you can see from the sticker our green is darker than the spray paint can green, which looks more like Michigan State’s green.

the search continues…


this one could be closer, thought the picture was uploaded at low res by walmart, so who knows how accurate it is.

clt says

A, have you considered just buying a blank helmet rather than modifying the original

B, are you interested in a career in graphic design?

A) I’d need to buy the 49ers logo sticker too, and a quick search for a riddell blank helmet has them going for around $20, so I’m not sure I’d be saving much.

B) I do video work mostly (premiere, after effects, etc) and every now and then do composite photography in photoshop. I don’t know Illustrator very well and I think most graphic artists would think my composite example above is awful. So if you’re being sarcastic, then I’m agreeing with you but if you’re being serious, I have a long way to go to be a great graphic artist.

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This one looks like it could be a little closer to our green.

and the rough composite result: