Roberto Fortes

I saw something about this guy on the Ole Miss recruiting site, but I can’t find anything else (or for that matter, where it is anymore), but he listed Charlotte as getting a visit (according to Ole Miss sources).

thanks for the info

There is very little out there about this guy. He is either flying way under the radar or he isn’t playing well enough to get any love from the recruiting gurus.

Here’s his profile page

He played on a young team last year (9 frosh, 2 sophmores), which managed to go 19-8 for the games the DBCC website gives the score of.

So is that Daytona Beach CC? Their site must be down. How big is he?

6’4 guard, just like most of his teammates.

It says 14.5 ppg (high school?) and mentions some kind of Indiana all star team.

The site is working perfectly for me.

Anything new on Flores?

Fortes verballed to Illinois State in October and signed today, according to a couple articles he had offers from Charlotte, ole Miss, Washington State, among others. should be a good get for us and good luck to you guys.

here is a linkFortes To ISU