Rodney nets 25 in Win

Rodney White scored 25 against Toronto last night. He had 15 points in the second quarter and hit his first 10 shots of the game.

Rodney’s Game

Good news for Rodney

This was on the NBA channel last night (channel 141 on TW Digital, not sure what it’s called). Saw the end of the 1st half and then turned back w/ 5 min. left in the game which was just garbage time at that point. I honestly never thought I’d see it, but Rodney is becoming a real team player. He had some VERY nice passes, and 1 or 2 dumb ones, but was good at finding the open man. Also hit everything he put up in the 1st half - didn’t shoot that much though. His defense is better, still needs improvement. He set several picks, but most looked weak (didn’t stand straight, kept moving). He made a couple of bonehead plays, still showing inconsistency but you can tell the effort is there. Plus, the announcers couldn’t stop talking about him.

He also got great pub from SportsCenter. Linda said "The second quarter belonged to Rodney White.

They showed a play where he got a steal and led the fast break, where he gave it up to Earl Boykins and then got it back for a dunk.

This is the Rodney that is being billed as a possible Breakout player by ESPN.


4 steals and 4 turnovers to go with his 25 points in 33 minutes.

On the flip side, Galen scored 8 in a loss to the Suns. Played 15 or so minutes, and collected 5 rebounds also. Suprisingly didn’t have any steals.

I hope he makes this team. Bit of a longshot now that Wilkins is scoring so well, and Rashard Lewis is a bit banged up with plantar fascitis. We’ll see though. With Lewis, Ray Allen, and Flip Murray, they have plenty of G, G/F scoring. In a close game, they will need Galen’s D more than Wilkins’ O. I hope that makes the difference, I’d love to own a Sonics jersey with “Young” on the back, and his signature on it.

Rodney scores 16 points on 5-15 shooting with 6 TO(ouch) tonight. He did have one assist though. They look ready to give him a big part of the bench minutes, but as streaky as he is it will probably either be 15 points in 20 minutes or two points in 5 on 1-5 shooting. at least it looks like he will finally get a real shot to contribute for that team.