ROW H 4-6?

Congratulations on winning the Jack-ass-of-a-fan Award. You were the loudest fan in 104 tonight yet everything you said was negative. You cringe when our players go to the line. Get upset at every missed shot by our team. Act sarcastically impressed when Iti makes a foul shot. You probably suck at basketball, at least to a degree that no D 1,2,3,4,5,6….school even sent you a letter yet you manage to make comments that level you higher than anyone on our team. You’ve probably never been to an away game. Nor will you even read this message as you don’t know a site such as this exists. You are an Asshole. And while you wear green, I really hope you NEVER come back. Congratulations

So how fo you really feel? Don’t hold back…

Glad to see someone call this jerk out, even though he’ll never know about it because im sure he doesn’t know this board exists. This jerk sat behind me at the game tonight, and I was this close to turning around and chocking his @$$. There is no need for a fan to be screaming comments at our players on every play. Good or bad play, this guy had some shitty remark. Fans like that don’t even deserve to sit that close to the floor. Next game I hear him, im not gonna take it so lightly.

was this guy a student? alumni? or just charlotte trash??

F### that guy man…someone seriously should have knocked him out. Prolly the same douche that threw nerds on the floor at the Bama game.

[i]Originally posted by ninerID[/i]@Dec 11 2004, 10:11 PM [b]

Most Memmorable comment: GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! UUUGGGHHHH I can’t believe I woke up at 6:30 to get tickets to watch this!!! [/b]

Quoting the dick behind me, “Withers isn’t even half an All-American!, he’s not worth all the hype!”

All This after Curt put up how many points???

You guys need to start calling people out. No need to vent it here! It does no GOOD!

I called a kid out at a game for wearing a UNC shirt to our game and ended up turning it inside out at halftime in the bathroom. He just moved down here from New Jersey and sat with me the rest of the game and he is now converted Charlotte fan. He was about 19 yrs old. See what happens when you call people out!

Don’t be keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeered.

So… this is where Pino Pipes Jr. sits. :knob:

clt says the wine does go well with the chicken.

I agree with you guys, but nothing will be done by posting it here. Say something to them I will back you up. I really hate when we have fans that come out and get loud but loud about negative things. Like downgradeing our players as well as the team and university. It is crazy to me how people can come to games and do that and feel like they are supporting the team. Just stay at home if you are going to act that way. So when it comes down to it just start telling people how it is and if you offend someone then you do.

[i]Originally posted by ninerID[/i]@Dec 11 2004, 10:11 PM [b] [u]Most Memmorable comment:[/u] GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! UUUGGGHHHH I can't believe I woke up at 6:30 to get tickets to watch this!!! [/b]
You know what? Either this guy will stay at home next time or move to the upper level. Either way, it kind of works itself out.

If he chooses to get up at 6:30 again, then he must like it well enough to come back, and hopefully he’ll come around.

But either way, I agree - call him out. 98% of us down there have your back.