RPI out, NET in

New basketball metric NET will replace the RPI.

Wish this had any bearing on Niner hoops.

Man…I miss the '90’s and early '00’s.

RPI watching/tracking was fun as hell.

clt has an insider with the NCAA. Here are the details for non cartel schools



San Diego sportswriter Mark Zeigler refers to the NET as “Not Entirely Transparent”!

Because it’s more rigging for the elites.

WTF X 10 million. Secret? fxck the NCAA.

If secret a lawsuit should be in the works.

This is the NCAA’s response to CUSA’s new basketball scheduling format.

From Jerry Palm.

More on changes to NET for MBB:

And WBB now on board as well:

Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm, respectively, on the changes to the NET: