Rule Costs fan courtside seat!

Apologies if already posted but if not this is funny!!


I want to side with the consumer in this case but God help me I hate the Tarholes more than I believe in fairness.

Regardless of the teams involved - the venue doesn’t have a right to move people from a seat that they have a ticket for unless they violate clearly defined rules, such as using bad language, throwing things etc. If the fine print on the ticket doesn’t say you must not wear the opposing teams colors, then they made a mistake.

What would have happened if this guy had been the guest of the AD staffer that owned the tickets and was there with him? Would he have been relocated?

That staffer might have (and still might be) disciplined.

Is there not a rule that the other teams’ fans may not sit for so many rows directly behind the opposite teams’ bench. Know it exists for the visiting bench. Exist also for the home bench?

This isn’t true at all. A ticket is a license and the fine print usually says that they reserve the right to boot you for whatever reason they want to, more or less.

On specific rules about opposing team’s fans behind the HOME bench, I have no idea. I believe CUSA had a rule about home team fans behind the visiting team’s bench.

Never saw it in print but was told by reps from multiple league schools while we were in CUSA.

Aren’t WE are the reason CUSA implemented the NO SEATING on the first row of sections bordering the visiting bench? Actually I think Huggins and his thugs were the real instigators. Wasn’t there also an incident where the wife of the Houston coach verbally assaulted one of our female fans sitting close to the Houston bench?