Running NET and KenPom Ranking Thread

We’re in the Top 100 in the NET now after our win against Stetson last night. I thought it could be fun to track where we are as the season progresses, keeping track in one place.

Record Overall 5-3
Conference Record 0-0
Last Game vs. Stetson - W

NET 94
KenPom 115


Good idea!

Would like to see this get in the top 75.

I agree. If we finish Top 75 after losing our best two players it’d be hard not to give Fearne at least a 3 year contract.

I can’t find the historical NET rn but our final Pomeroy rankings are:

22/23 106
21/22 201
20/21 234
19/20 164
18/19 297

If Fearne does better than Sanchez ever did and finishes in top 105 I think that says a lot.


Especially since he is basically using a less talented team than Ron had with less preparation for what he wants to run.


Last season we finished #98 in the NET.

If you scroll to the bottom of the NET rankings on the NCAA website they have a link to the archived rankings.

21/22 188
20/21 231
19/20 176

Even worse, he is basically using Ron’s offense with a few tweaks. If he does better without enough time to make the changes he wanted I don’t see how we can’t extend him. I think he is doing a good job.


He seems competent for sure and it had to be agonizing to sit on the bench the prior 5 years watching us play basketball from his perspective.


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Or as Fearne refers to them - Values.

You can listen to him post game and see that he is a better coach with a clearer message. Also, he calls it like it is. Last night he basically said Jackson needs to lose more weight and then also said a lot of the guys need to put on weight. All a commitment to their craft, the team, and getting better.

I like his professional sets of posting up our guards and looking for isolation when we have an advantage. This team is 10x more physical and tougher than anything Ron Ron ever put on the floor. Fearne can coach. IMO it comes down to can he recruit effectively for AAC and would we support him financially to get the recruiting done.


I am drinking the kool aid right now. He is doing the best coaching job I’ve seen since following Charlotte football and basketball in 2010
Granted the bar is relatively low, but he’s doing more with losing a lot last year.


Until he gets a multi year contract, he can’t recruit HS players.

Hadn’t heard that and certainly hasn’t stopped Fearne & Co. from making offers. Hmm… :thinking:

I like what Fearne is doing with X’s and O’s but I also know Fearne has been a part of recruiting the last 5 years. We need more talent and Fearne owns that. Still a long way to go in the season.

I mean how much HS recruiting matter now? With the portal and kids basically being year to year hired guns the old days of needing a long term deal isn’t that big a deal.

Now I am sure it is a bit of a challenge right now since he can’t even say he will be here next year. Will be interesting to see if they can actually get anyone to commit.

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Record Overall 5-4
Conference Record 0-0
Last Game at Duke - L

NET 100 :chart_with_downwards_trend:
KenPom 121📉

14 place drop from yesterday. Guess losing to Duke will do that. Blue Devils went from #43 pregame to #34 with the win.

Surprised losing AT Duke would drop 14 spots

Interestingly, we are one spot behind our next opponent now with Richmond at 99 in the NET and Charlotte at 100.

Should make for an interesting game. Of note, Richmond lost to our conference mate Wichita State by 12 on the road.

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