Running NET and KenPom Ranking Thread


Record Overall 14-7
Conference Record 8-1
Last Game vs. ECU (W)
Streak: W8!!

NET 95 Flat
KenPom 103 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

USF is 114 Kenpom 105 in the NET. On paper these teams should be matched up pretty well. We will need to bring it and come out sharp to get a win on the road. Win this one and you have a very winnable road game against a bad Temple team then two winnable home games. Once again we have the biggest game we’ve played all year coming up.

Have a chance to get to a double-digit win streak.



Record Overall 14-8
Conference Record 8-2
Last Game at USF (L)
Streak: L1

NET 95 Flat
KenPom 100 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Pomeroy is actually up, NET is flat. We just need to rebound and keep grinding.



Record Overall 14-8
Conference Record 8-2
Last Game at Temple (W)
Streak: W1

NET 98 :chart_with_downwards_trend:
KenPom 99 :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Probably not a lot of points to be gained over the next two games. Looks like we will finish in the 90s or 100s depending on how we play things out. Regardless, this team firing on all cylinders to close out conference play and head into the conference tourney is the most important thing.

Correct. We’re not getting an at large bid.
Just gotta worry about trying to win the Tourney and get in.

The more games we win until then would just help marginally with seeding.

If like to win the AAC regular season even if we get shafted on the auto NIT bid that used to come with it. Will be tough to do, but we have a shot.

I agree with both of yall on both counts. Winning the regular season would be a nice trajectory bump going into next year and for recruiting the portal. We need a better backup for Jackson and a deadeye 2 guard and we have got ourselves a tourney quality squad.


If we win our last 7 games I bet we pickup 10 spots in the NET. NET includes conference tournament too right?

FWIW, we actually dropped 3 spots and Temple gained 3 spots following yesterday’s game.

Hopefully we win our last 7 and I can be proven correct


I would be ok if you were right. I know it’s crazy, but I’d even be happy if we win our last 7 and gain 20 spots.

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