Rutgers Scarlet Knights 2004-05 Prospectus Rutgers Scarlet Knights Men’s Basketball 2004-05 Prospectus [.pdf file]

Rutgers will face the Niners in Halton on November 22nd. Payback for the last time a Gary Waters coached team came to Charlotte… :cuss:

looks like their guards are the ones who do the damage, great…

There guards are where their talent is at, especially if Hill is out. Joynes has improved a bunch on the inside, but not so sure how he will play early on.

Douby could kill us, but if we play physical on him, like Michigan did in the NIT Championship game, we should be able to handle him.

I would think the best way to defend them would be to put Plavich on Webb, their sophmore PG. He is a very solid player who plays smart,but as last year was hist 1st real season at PG didn’t really look to attack much as he concentrated more on running the show and learning the position.

Shields is a complete player but is streaky and will take bad shots at times.

Overall if we pound the ball inside and get out on shooters we should be able to win this game at home.

As a Rutgers fan…Iti and Withers scare me to death, especially with our decided youth and lack of experience in the front court. But, RU more than makes up for that with 5 skilled players in the backcourt, including the aforementioned Douby, Webb and Shields.

RU has reworked their offensive strategy to allow for more open looks for the guards, and to keep what happened to Douby against Michigan from happening again. Everyone in this offense has screening responsibilities, so don’t be surprised to see everyone from the 1 thru the 5 out on the perimeter, or lurking midrange trying to set screens for our shooters.

If things go as planned, Charlotte will pound us inside (Hill will most certainly NOT be ready for the game), and RU will bomb away from the outside. RU will play pressure man to man for virtually the entire game, but can switch effectively to a zone defense if the inside presence for Charlotte exerts itself early. It will be RU’s first game of the season. That in and of itself leads me to believe that Charlotte should win fairly easily…but don’t completely rule out RU. We beat the big boys on a regular basis in the BE. I’ll be in Charlotte for the game…so bring on the HOOPS!!!