Santa Clara getting upset with 4:00 to go

down 14

Not sure why you posted this in the Smack Forum but this isn’t exactly good news for us considering that should we beat Yale, we would be playing another RPI killer in Cent. Conn. Not that Santa Clara’s is superb but it’s a helluva lot better than CCSU’s.

I’m really hoping Santa Clara pulls this one out but it’s not looking good.


Hop in chat JCL. I’m up all night tonight

Might pop in for a few…just can’t bring myself to feel like total dog crap at work tomorrow morning despite having my Niner fan card revoked by some on the site. :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a final 80-68, CCSU!


This will help the RPI.

We had better win this freakin’ tournament.

Damn. CCSU. I’m not sure when we’re even gonna beat a team with an actual winning record. Course we messed it up ourselves by choking to bama and rutgers. Oh well. Looks like we should win these 2 games, lets make them look easy.

rutgers beat kansas state and indiana won, as long as we dont lose these games we should be fine.