Saturday, November 22, 2008 games of interest

[B][SIZE=2][COLOR=Green]7:00, Clemson at Charlotte[/COLOR]
1:00, Boston College at [COLOR=Blue]Saint Louis[/COLOR]
2:00, [COLOR=blue]George Washington[/COLOR] at Auburn
4:00, Virginia Commonwealth at [COLOR=blue]Rhode Island[/COLOR]
7:00, Manhattan at [COLOR=blue]Fordham[/COLOR]

2:00, Maine at [COLOR=blue]Providence[/COLOR]
2:00, Southern at [COLOR=blue]Baylor[/COLOR]
4:00, [COLOR=blue]Appalachian State[/COLOR] at Niagara
6:00, Fairleigh Dickinson at [COLOR=blue]Mississippi State[/COLOR]
7:00, Alabama Birmingham at [COLOR=blue]Old Dominion[/COLOR]
7:00, [COLOR=blue]Long Island[/COLOR] at Canisius
7:30, Allegheny at [COLOR=blue]Youngstown State[/COLOR]
8:30, [COLOR=blue]UNC Greensboro[/COLOR] at Central Arkansas[/SIZE][/B]

This is why we should NEVER play App at their place again. They get up for this game and we don’t. App beats us and gets a hangover. I get it, I know we’re not that good this year, but come on…


We’re better than that. We play Niagra, I guarantee we win. We play at App, we lose.

Ok, I’m done vomiting now.


good grief

[SIZE=2][B][COLOR=Blue]Clemson 71[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Green]Charlotte 70[/COLOR]

Boston College 50
[COLOR=blue]Saint Louis 53[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]George Washington 71[/COLOR]
Auburn 83

[COLOR=red]La Salle 72[/COLOR]
Southern Mississippi 76

Virginia Commonwealth 86
[COLOR=blue]Rhode Island 92[/COLOR]

Manhattan 81
[COLOR=red]Fordham 67[/COLOR]

Maine 62
[COLOR=blue]Providence 83[/COLOR]

Southern 43
[COLOR=blue]Baylor 85[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Appalachian State 80[/COLOR]
Niagara 95

Fairleigh Dickinson 58
[COLOR=blue]Mississippi State 84[/COLOR]

Alabama Birmingham 77
[COLOR=red]Old Dominion 62[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]Long Island 63[/COLOR]
Canisius 76

Allegheny 59
[COLOR=blue]Youngstown State 96[/COLOR]

[COLOR=red]UNC Greensboro 60[/COLOR]
Central Arkansas 73[/B][/SIZE]

We are gonna lose to Youngstown State.