Scores of interest, 12/3

Grambling State 55
[B]Dayton 59[/B]

Robert Morris 58
[B]Duquesne 73[/B]

[B]La Salle 62[/B]
Drexel 50

Providence 69
[B]Rhode Island 77[/B]

[B]Richmond 37[/B]
Arkansas State 56

Saint Francis (PA) 65
[B]Saint Bonaventure 69[/B]

[B]Saint Louis 71[/B]
Wisconsin Milwaukee 82

[B]Temple 50[/B]
Pennsylvania 46

[B]Xavier 62[/B]
Illinois 65

[B]Valparaiso 59[/B]
Iowa 72

Eastern Michigan 63
[B]Indiana 79[/B]

[B]Rutgers 73[/B]
Saint Mary’s (CA) 69

[B]UNC Asheville 64[/B]
Western Carolina 80

Delaware State 54 [B]OT[/B]
[B]Northwestern 61[/B]

[B]Southern Illinois 57[/B]
Wyoming 53

Santa Clara 69
[B]Mississippi State 82[/B]

Long Beach State 95
[B]Portland 99[/B]

[B]Davidson 102[/B]
Appalachian State 69

Winthrop 57
Alabama 60

Good showing for the A10. Xavier almost pulled the upset and don’t know what the heck happened to Richmond.

[QUOTE=VA49er;142861]Good showing for the A10. Xavier almost pulled the upset and don’t know what the heck happened to Richmond.[/QUOTE]

Richmond only score 9 in the first half?! :confused:

The Spiders were consistent, 18 - 19.

[QUOTE=HP49er;142865]The Spiders were consistent, 18 - 19.[/QUOTE]

Not a good day for the Spiders. Football team lost also in the playoffs. The trustees also allowed the school’s president, who everyone except them seems to hate, to stay.

some of those wins should help our rpi a little in the long run. portland win was nice to see and rhode island beat a big east team. every davidson win helps. a10 fared ok but what’s wrong with saint louis?

[QUOTE]Davidson 102
Appalachian State 69[/QUOTE]

I heard the postgame talk between Kilgo and Coach McKillop. They spent almost as much time talking about us as they did about Davidson/App. Kilgo seemed pissed about us holding Ian Johnson to 4-20 from the field, unless I misunderstood his anger.

They absolutely CRUSHED App. St. It was ugly. App’s best player is a guard averaging 25 ppg, but Davidson held him to 1 of 13 from the field. He made his first shot (a 3ptr) of the game and then they shut him down.

All the years recently when we’ve had a good team, how many times did we punk App State by 33 pts? I know we still definitely have consistency and teamwork issues, but I guaranty you that the Davidson win was bigger than some here want to admit. They were firing on all cylinders in both games this week - we held them off. App got absolutely owned. Food for thought.

Man, Northwestern sucks! They had to beat Delaware State in overtime. UGH…