Scores of interest, November 10th

#18 Wake Forest 78 (1-0)
Mississippi Valley State 64 (0-1)

Georgia Southern 89 (1-0)
Portland 75 (0-1)

Wake actually had a game on his hand up to the half…

wonder what is going on there…2 games in a row struggling against TERRIBLE teams.

Don’t forget the shocker MONTREAT COLLEGE 65 UNC-A 62!!! But it looks like Montreat has a good team for NAIA being picked to finish first in their conference. But, WOW…

we have zero room to talk about wake, after the last game im scared of coppin state.

Were you…at any point…scared that we would drop that game with pfeiffer?

Wake had to gut check to pull out their exhibition…we just played a slow…sloppy game.

[QUOTE=run49er;138964]#18 Wake Forest 78 (1-0)
Mississippi Valley State 64 (0-1)[/QUOTE]

I listened to this game on the radio. Wake is struggling without a point guard. They turned the ball over 11 times in the first half (and 20+ for the game?) and played bullfighter defense for much of the game. MVSU (Div 1?) went on a 16-4 run to take a point lead right before the half. Justin Gray sounds totally out of position at PG, and they do not appear to have much of a bench, although the frosh named Hale received a lot of praise for his energy.

In the second half they started dumping it inside to Eric Williams, and he pulled out the W for them. Other than him, they don’t have a lot of players who scare you, especially with Gray thinking pass first. It’s entirely possible that they could get it all together by the time we play them, but right now, Wake fans probably aren’t counting on a W against George Mason until they earn it.

[QUOTE=casstommy;138976]Wake had to gut check to pull out their exhibition…[/QUOTE]
Winston-Salem State played the Deacons without their 2 best players, one hurt the other suspended for the game. They are definitely struggling. I expect it to get better soon for them.