Scrimmage 1 thoughts

For those that can make the scrimmage, post your takeaways here.

QB thoughts are much appreciated. For the record I thought Reynolds was way ahead about a week ago, but kean was ridiculous both times I made it this week

Only 20ish ppl here at 2:35

They are coming in now

My two cents…Overall this team just looks bigger than last year. Kudos to the offseason workout program.

QBs - Not much separation today in my opinion although if I had to choose I would say Reynolds had the better day. Bent dropped a couple passes from Reynolds one of which was a post that had a chance to go the distance. He is conservative and consistent. I think Keane has the better arm and isn’t afraid to take a few more chances. He threw a few balls that made me cringe. One was picked, one was knocked down harmlessly and the other slipped between two defenders for a completion to Dollar. Keane probably has the higher ceiling.

WRs - I didn’t see Tucker playing during the scrimmage although I saw him dressed on the sideline. A lot of balls were thrown to Cam Dollar and he had a few nice catches. Bent had a couple drops but turned an out route for what should have been a small gain to 15-20 yd TD after making a DB look silly.

RBs - I only saw LeMay in for a few plays during the scrimmage. Smalls had a nice long run but was tackled at the 1. Smalls, Finger and Parker took most of the carries. We have a nice set of backs. Depth I would say is LeMay, McCalister, Smalls, Finger then Parker.

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Defense looked good. We gonna surprise a lot of people. Osborne is the real deal. See the difference in the team from last year for sure.

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Wasn’t happy with the passing game. Too many bad throws and drops. Kean has the best arm, but threw some awful passes.

Defense was very aggressive. Crowded the line a lot. No cushion for receivers this year.

WRs getting separation. Qb made bad throws and wr’s had drops. DB’s with tons of interference calls. Offense couldn’t move the ball without the penalties.
I wasn’t encouraged with either side of the ball.

My biggest takeaway is that health/injuries will be the biggest key to a successful season. Our starters and immediate back ups are strong. Beyond that, there are questions in my opinion.

It was obvious throughout the game who had the stronger side. At the beginning, when the defensive starters played, they dominated. They only played 1-2 full series. As subs rotated in, the offense started to get some momentum. Depth will be huge.

It was difficult to adequately gauge the QB situation. By my count, LeMay, McAllister, Tucker and Elder did not play at all (with the exception of a few 7 vs 7 non contact snaps). It is difficult for a QB1 to be adequately judged when the top receivers and running backs don’t play.

The atmosphere is 100% different and the coaching staff holds each kid accountable…it is great to see. The breakdown stretches after the scrimmage took 20 minutes because they kept finding one kid not doing it right. The standard is high…we have some work to do to get there but the expectations are there.


Oh, and on a side note there were a few Myers Park kids there yesterday watching the scrimmage.

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What was the size of the crowd?

Maybe 100 or so. Gold lot was full of cars

Now THAT’s what I’ve been waiting to hear…

Pardon my lack of code breaking, but what does that mean?

Cornerbacks for the past 6 years playing 10 yards off the WR at the snap. I want to see corners in the face of the WR disrupting pass routes.

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If practice is any indication you will not be disappointed!