Season Ticket Holder Gifts Around the NCAA

Happened across a Reddit thread where someone shared this incredible gift they sent to USF season ticket holders.

It’s a box that plays the USF fight song and a message from a player when you open it, along with some photos, a season ticket pin, their season ticket card (no individual tickets, just a card) and a bobblehead. All that for someone with a $150 season ticket.

Also from the thread:

Trojan season ticket holders got a small replica of the stadium. Looks like most schools do exactly what we do though, with a spiral bound notebook.

I posted my thoughts on this in the shoutbox earlier, but this would be a great way to grow our donor base. Gift such as this for first time 49er club members.

or a gift like this if you have tickets to both hoops and football. anyway to grow the base.

I know we have a razor then budget, which we do keep in the black, and this is expensive, but g5 has to get creative. good on south florida.

edit: I think one item people would line up to pay $50 dollars for is that long sleeve black nike shirt with the crown logo. It’s probs a 30 dollar shirt, but the AD gets 20 a pop. bam.

I’m sure they could put something together with the folks over at Charlotte based Musser & Co.