SEC looking at ten game conference only schedule

SEC athletic directors have agreed on 10 game conference schedule only. School presidents will have to agree with this before it becomes official.If it is approved we will lose our opening game at Tennessee.

I will believe this when it happens. Four SEC schools have in-state rivalries with ACC schools that l imagine they’d want to keep (UofSC/Clemson). Also most SEC teams like to pad their non-conference schedule with winnable games to keep their seasons from appearing to be an embarrassment.

While I don’t want to lose the UT game…if college football even happens in 2020, how anyone’s W/L looks at the end of whatever the season is isn’t going to matter. Niners could win the 2020 college football national championship, and it will be regarded as “yea, but that was the Covid season.”

It’s now official. SEC will only play 10 game conference schedule.No nonconference games.