Senior associate athletic director for external affairs - new hire Chris Fuller

I would bet before the end of summer that we may see some people leaving the AD

“Wait, we can’t all go to Boardwalk Billy’s at the same time?”


But no 3rd assistant?

Looks like an extremely impressive hire.

If I read the release correctly…which I may not have…it appears as if this is a lateral move into a similar position. Why take a lateral move into a similar position with a smaller profile school in a much lower profile conference?

I would doubt we would outpay Syracuse for the same position. Upward mobility cannot be an answer as we literally just hired an AD. What am I missing?

Love the hire…just curious how we could hook that type of a fish when you compare the bait. Kinda like Julia Roberts leaving Richard Gere for Lyle Lovett.

Whatever we did…Hill needs to have our coaches start using the same bait and strategy on the recruiting trail too.

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Not sure about his hometown, but my guess is that location played a big factor. He spent a lot of time in this part of the country to then go up to Syracuse where the winters can be brutal.

I am also thinking that with a school like Syracuse what new ventures can he get into? At Charlotte, he is probably coming into a situation where he gets to create something and make a statement. Kind of a blank canvas that he can mold into his own. We have had deals in the past, but I am thinking that Hill is looking for a whole new level for marketing the Athletics program.

The biggest statement you can see here is that Hill didn’t feel like anyone currently in house could fill this position.

For those of us old timers…that goes without saying!!


clt likes this hire.

Hill came in the door saying all the right things now he’s doing the right things. It will be fun to watch him continue to put his stamp on the program. We have needed outside voices with big-time experience for a long time. :pick: :pick: :pick:


Guy is 100% making a calculated career move. Sees the value of Hill’s vision and betting a 5 year stint here that correlates with an amazing turn around will catapult him to AD job searches. Just like I’ve said for coaches, if this guy is scooped up in a few years for a bigger job it mean s something at Charlotte is working. LOVE the hire.

clt asks someone to email him a link to the name confusion log.

Fuller has boots on the ground.


Met Chris for the first time today at the starting line of the SouthPark Turkey Trot 8K. He was the runner wearing the Charlotte Basketball shirt!


So… what were you wearing?

Huge loss, IMHO. Everyone I have talked to speaks highly of him.


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Chris is great and very forthcoming and honest about where things are. Doesn’t sugar coat things. He is a blast to have a drink with and just shoot shit. At our tailgate last spring he dropped a few hints that his time here was going to be closing soon. Hate to see him leave as he has made a pretty big impact. Anxious to see what his next step is. He had mentioned he might go back into the private sector which would be cool for him but even better if he decides to return to P5 roots where he can be an ally for us in the future.


Why is he leaving?

He had mentioned he might want to try the private sector. He seems to like moving around. He did tell me he was looking forward to coming to a tailgate and drinking with us. So maybe he expects to stay in the area at least for awhile.


New blood isn’t a bad thing. Doesn’t mean he was bad at the job or a bad guy. How long has he been in that role?

Per the announcement, since July 2018.