Senior associate athletic director for external affairs - new hire Chris Fuller

Agent 49 posted a link to this new job listing by athletic department. Sounds like something we desperately need in branding etc.

Here is the posting:

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This is great. I like the recognition that we have these critical gaps, and Hill’s commitment to put somebody in at the highest level to remediate them. If I were to make a bet, I suspect that Hill has somebody in mind for this job. I don’t think anyone currently on our staff is a good fit.

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I imagine he had his #1 candidate in mind when the role was created. TO me, this reads as this person could possible be the 2nd in command.

The proverbial, it takes money to make money. Basically, someone who is responsible for enhancing our brand recognition to make it something people want to donate to and spend money on. I like it.

“Assistant to the athletic director”

It is almost like we are trying to be a real Athletic Department. Hill probably showed up and was like “How did these people function?”

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Many of the people aren’t even good fits for the jobs they have.

That was my favorite topic during the whole #FJR thing. When you become president, they say you get that big book of secrets. I often wonder what Mike Hill’s first few days/weeks/ information sessions were like.

I’m certain he has had this reaction on several occasions


I feel like he was thinking WTF??? And shaking his head in utter disbelief while at the same time beIng amazed that any of us still cared.

What? You think he wasn’t down the the previous AD’s Friends and Family plan?


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Ya’ll really need to get over the whole Lutz coming back… Charlotte will never hire him back!

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That’s kind of like saying psychopaths need to get over their irrational thinking.

Role has been filled:

Here is a recent interview with Fuller:

We are seeing a pattern, and I like it. Fuller’s background is primarily in the SEC, with some ACC thrown in there. Nobody is coming from Syracuse to Charlotte, or for that matter from Florida or Virginia to Charlotte, unless they believe in our unrealized potential even more than we do. I bet staff meeting in the AD are starting to get interesting.

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“That sounds like a lot of work.”

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