Seth Davis on NCAA hoops rules committee points of emphasis for 2009-10

From the blog of Seth Davis at on officiating for this season:

Points of emphasis will be:
1 - Swinging of elbows
2 - Block/Charge call under basket
3 - Player and team interaction

Areas of concern:
1 - Excession distraction of FT shooter
2 - 3-second rule

Also discusses how officials should interpret intentional and flagrant fouls (bet our Xavier friends would like to show this to the crew that officiated their game against Ohio State in the 2007 Big Dance!). Rules committee looks to make game cleaner

And here’s the link to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Officiating website:

NCAA Men’s Basketball Officiating | Center Court

Jay Bilas wrote in his October 10th column about the outright lunacy of the block/charge rule: It’s about halfway down under “Imagine That”

Smoothie, I too have been reading the various pieces about the block/charge rule. Definitely going to be a problem without any markings in the lane. Of course, we can thank our own coach for that since he’s the chair of the Rules Committee!