Should Duke Win Tonight...

It will mark the 6th time the Charlotte 49ers have played an eventual National Champion. And are 0-6 against said teams.

1974: NC State
1977: Marquette
1980: Louisville
1991: Duke
1992: Duke
2010: Duke?

Also of note, Duke would have the National Championship each season they had played the 49ers.

What about 2001?

I didn’t say they only win Championships when they play Charlotte.

Then tomorrow Wojo is announced as our head coach.

Duke will be trying to schedule us more often now.

What about UNC-Chapel Hill when we went to overtime with them in Second Round?

NCAA 1st and 2nd rounds are in Time Warner Arena next year. Maybe Duke will want a warm-up game there during regular season.

Then they’ll schedule Davidson like they and the Tarholes ALWAYS do when they plan to play in Charlotte.