Should we be ranked if we win Saturday??

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8-0 is still 8-0 though

[quote=“EE9er, post:2, topic:27218”]CLOSE THREAD NOW!!

;D ;D ;D :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

8-0 is still 8-0 though[/quote]

Sure beats something like 2-6 like we’ve seen in years past!

Yes, we should be.

Might get a couple of votes; considering how things have gone the past few years, I’d take that.

YES, and close the thread. :o ;D

btw, has anyone gone from no votes to ranked? (skipped the orv?)

Yep, it’s happened.

I would be shocked with absolutely no votes.

In a word, no.

Maybe a few votes.

I’m thinking a couple of votes. Won’t get any substantial amount of votes until we beat Miami.

Realistically, may get 1-2 votes if we win Saturday. We’re super excited about this team but we are a LONG way from being a ranked program. In fact, sweeping the rest of the non-conference, which would get us to 14-0 may not even get it done. Rest of the OOC Sched:

Central Michigan (sucks)
Kennesaw St. (sucks)
Radford (sucks)
UNC-Asheville (sucks)
Miami (5-1 with 1 win vs ranked opponent)
Florida St (4-4, 0-2 vs ranked opponents) so even though it’s in the Cable Box it’s not going to be the huge win we once thought it would be.

So yeah I wouldn’t be surprised to still be in the “others receiving votes” category even if we run the table OOC. But damn 14-0 would look soooooo good!!

Don’t get caught up in a rankings tizzy just now. We’ve been bad for a while and it will take some time/wins to get the national media’s attention. Just keep winning and things will take care of themselves. It’s December y’all and the march to March is a marathon, not a sprint.

we should get one vote from Bob Mckillop atleast

14-0 would have us ranked.

[quote=“truninersfan, post:15, topic:27218”]we should get one vote from Bob Mckillop atleast[/quote]Exactly what I was going to post.

Yes, we will get some votes, but no way we get enough to be close to cracking the top 25. Beating Miami, on the road (paired with another win over Kennesaw St. as the votes are coming in), would get us in however at 11-0, especially since Miami upped their resume by beating Mich St.

I love how some of you find it to be your responsibility to temper everyone’s expectations. Every thread where a few dream ahead is filled with these. I don’t get it, it’s a community forum where we waste our time. I think we all know the season runs through early March, Mom.