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casstommy’s idea.

We need a thread to post hyperlinks that people posted in the shoutbox because the shouts are no longer archived. You know, the little news blips or funny links, etc. That way people can scroll through and find links that may have been posted while they were at lunch, on vacation, whatever.

If a link is NSFW, please indicate.

I find that when I’m in NN.N dashboard Shoutbox and not the full chat window, that if anyone posts a .gif, every time it cycles I get scrolled automatically back to the last shout. Quite irritating.

Hide yo kids Panda - NSFW Language Mostly

Who even has Shoutbox since the site was re-designed a couple of months ago?

Oh, & when I 1st saw this, I thought it said Shoutbox Hypocrits. :)) Shoutbox Hyperlinks is much more Borrrrrrrring!

NWA, #13-Jew from LI thinks rooting for UM Hurricanes makes him a black gangster. :)) Not to get racial on blacks or Jews, but that is damn funny.


From the comments, NWA, replace GT with Charlotte, & UGA with UNC, & it works perfect.

@Katni: UGA fan, decked in UGA gear: So where’d ya go ta school?

Me: Georgia Tech

UGA fan: Ha! ya goddamn nerds yall suck dick!

Me: Where did you go to school?

UGA fan: School? Fuck books and all that shit, I don’t need no school.

Me: Right. Reply

[quote=“stonecoldken, post:8, topic:23830”]From the comments, NWA, replace GT with Charlotte, & UGA with UNC, & it works perfect.

Me: Where did you go to school?

UGA fan: School? f*** books and all that s***, I don’t need no school.

Me: Right. Reply[/quote]


edit: fail

From Cha_49,
“The new 49er football beer?”

My response is that it is a Canadian product so :vomit:

to brighten up your morning:



Boom! Headshot! SFW


[quote=“J_F, post:13, topic:23830”]Boom! Headshot! SFW


fucking. hysterical.

[quote=“J Felt, post:13, topic:23830”]Boom! Headshot! SFW
Perfect video to watch over and over again on a computer with no sound.

Not that I endorse bong hits, but these are the perfect videos for it. I showed it to friends last week and everyone laughed. They do political ones and other stuff, but we all loved the Star Trek ones (even though none of us are Trekkies!). Being a fan of random comedy is a must.

This is probably their most popular vid:
Star Trek - Happy in Paraguay

This is my personal favorite and their newest vid (I don’t understand the intro, either):
DJO - Star Trek - I’m a Big Chocolate Slut

Turbo Lift - DJO

This thread from the 311 BB has me in tears. Give it a read if you can:

Lots of scenes around campus.

Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars 2008

Lawd what you can find on the interweb.

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