Shoutbox talk

New poster here. Nice site here, but I was blown away at what is said in the shoutbox! I feel like I need a shower after reading it. Is that normal, that the same people speak that way repeatedly? I am not for censorship, but wow. Seems like a website for 49er fans could be PG rated for all fans to feel comfortable.


perhaps the shoutbox enjoys a heightened level of Freedom of Speech… If you don’t like seeing it there is a little tab next to the ‘S’ in Shoutbox in the title bar. If you click that it will minimize the shoutbox down to a tab and not display its’ contents. Works pretty well to avoid reading others’ comments and opinions. :wink:

That was nice of you to inform this new poster of that feature on this site. I commend you good sir!

lol @ Metro. Dude sticks out like a sore thumb.