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I believe the team just got official word: On Twitter: Braswell: “Got damn” Green: " ----------------------" KJ Sherrill: “Wat an eff’n day smh”

[quote=“Jim Utter, post:3, topic:22750”]I believe the team just got official word: On Twitter: Braswell: “Got damn” Green: " ----------------------" KJ Sherrill: “Wat an eff’n day smh”[/quote]that’s to be expected.

Will you be reaching out to players for their thoughts, etc?

I told a story in the shoutbox - at my last job, 75% of my office left one day to start their own company.

It ripped me up, bad. I was close, I thought, with my old boss.

Took me a few weeks to get over the anger, and about a year to get over in general.

But, it turned out for the best. My career took off with the new opportunities. I’ve even talked to those guys since.

It’s gotta be painful for kids 18-22 that signed up to play for him, but they’ll get past this.

These guys can still play for each other, and the fans. I think they have a lot of potential.

it will be interesting to see who stays and who goes. any thoughts?

Not sure we want to get into rumor. Just hope the kids are able to take it well…

And if any want to transfer, I hope it is fully supported by the Athletic Department. These are young guys who signed up to play for this coaching crew, so it is a tough day.

I think like the rest of us they’ll wait to see who we bring in.

if you are a current player, you sit tight, wait and see who we get

Lutz statement

Well done Bobby.

[quote=“Jim Utter, post:10, topic:22750”][url=][/url]

Lutz statement[/quote]

First class statement from Bobby.

[quote=“Jim Utter, post:10, topic:22750”]

Lutz statement[/quote]

Jim, did MP make you put in that line about the media? :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, now I feel like I’m going to cry…I know, I’m sort of a chick. Very well put together statement by Bobby. And I love that we know it’s not a bunch of PR spun malarkey. Classy, classy guy.

Are you guys getting a recorded call from Judy this morning? I just got one, but it took forever for it to start, and sounded like her voice beginning to speak right when I hung up.

Can anyone let me know what it says?

From Bobby's statement-- "In closing, it has been a privilege and pleasure to coach at UNC Charlotte, my alma mater. I have been truly blessed and will forever bleed green."
I really hope that Bobby and his family will come back to the school and Halton when the time is right for them. Letting him go is in no way a comment on how we feel about him.

No Sparty! I KNEW someone would say something about that LOL

Any indication if Bobby is going to resume his coaching career, Jim?

pretty obvious who he did not thank