Quotes Unhappy Message Board Posters has PUBLISHED unhappy comments made by Rutgers fans on their message board after Lance Thomas chose Duke over Rutgers. It makes you wonder if they’ll be lurking over here if MB chooses KSU.

I found this part very interesting:

........Silly as they may be, college message boards are officially part of our culture now. At, like at any of the hundreds of fan sites, posters cloaked under the protection of anonymity share their passions on message boards. They parry over their prospects, debate their coaches' decisions and, now, hurt the very schools they're supposedly fans of.

“Kids read that stuff,” said Danny Hurley, Thomas’ coach at St. Benedict’s. “If they haven’t, coaches have it sent to them.”

Of course they do.

Negative recruiting has moved well past the whispered gossip…

Great post once again from Over… here’s my contribution…

[QUOTE=Threemire09;173348]Great post once again from Over… here’s my contribution…[/QUOTE]

not funny

do you really need money to chose duke over rutgers


[QUOTE=Threemire09;173348]Great post once again from Over… here’s my contribution…[/QUOTE]



FWIW - Don’t think for a minute that the asst or coach recruiting every player we look at doesn’t read this site when they learn of it. And if we’ve said anything negative about the player, he’s gonna see it, cause the coach will copy it and send it to him.

Sound corny? Immature? Yeah, probably, but it happens.

clt would like to be quoted in espn the magazine saying that stuart scott is not worthy of life.

If a high school kid is dumb enough to be swayed by a message board I say good riddance anyway. Has society really become this depressing.

when this happens, lets make a point to be real sarcastic about it