SLU "Reggie: Leave of Absence"

Got this off the SLU message board. I’m feeling a little better about tommorrow’s game. Not great, but a little better.

February 11, 2005

Men’s Basketball
Contact: Doug McIlhagga


ST. LOUIS—Saint Louis head men’s basketball coach Brad Soderberg today
announced that senior guard Reggie Bryant (Baltimore, Md. / Calvert
Hall) has been granted an indefinite leave of absence to return home and
tend to a family emergency.

“The information that we have is that Reggie’s brother, George Jr., has
been hospitalized,” Soderberg said. “Reggie flew to Baltimore Wednesday
night to be with his family. Until Reggie informs us of his plans, we
don’t know when he will return to the team. At this point, our prayers
are with Reggie and his family.”

Bryant is the Billikens’ leading scorer at 13.8 points per game. He did
not travel with the Billikens to Wednesday’s game at South Florida,
because he was ill with a stomach virus.

The Billikens host Charlotte at Savvis Center tomorrow night at 7:30

hate to hear that about anyone. Feeling better about the W… feeling worse about the kid.

Well I hope the best for his brother, and don’t wish that on anyone. With that said, this is a good omen. Bryant is a Niner killer.

He had been coming off the bench for them, he has not been a starter recently.

But without him they will really be slowing it down, we need to Rebound to get enough shots off to win, if we get < 50 shots we will have trouble.

Hope everything works out for him. I hate to get the extra help that way but we certainly can use it. Gotta have this one and I think I feel better about our chances this year and any in recent years.

I want to beat them at full strength. I was hoping this would tell me something about the team. Can we win in the half court.

Best wishes to bryant and his family.

i just want to beat them full strength or not

We’re talking about Saint Louis where we’re 0-8.
F winning there when they are at full strength.

Sorry to hear about his brother…

If anyone is curious, Bryant had 22 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists in 36 minutes against us in our 6 point win over them in Halton earlier this year. Their second highest scorer only had 10.