SLU win!!!

It’s about time! Yeah, C-DUB!!!

great game by withers.

Great game Niners!

Hello Top 25!!

YES! Finally! Etc. :smiley:

what a step-up from Curtis Withers… unreal!!! What a killer that last three was in regulation… what a killer team we are to gather ourselves, come back and win in OT… After this win, I can say We Are For Real

unbelievable…freakin unbelievable…39 points 14 rebounds…wow :o :o :smiley:

Life is good… until 7:30pm on Wednesday, when it starts all over again.

Its amazing how many more games are won when players can make free throws.

Most points by a Niner since 1982!

Thank God Bryant wasn’t there. I am glad Withers got to slam it home to shut the door on the “House of Horrors.” When he dunked it I was like, “F*CK ALL OF YA” as loud as I could. My wife thought I was a monster! She is still in the bed room with the door locked. :lol:

Withers is flat out the man.

Thanks for doing what no other Niners could do before you. Slay the st louis dragon.

Great Win!!! I loathe St. Louis. Wait, I F8CKING HATE ST. Louis!

Bring on the Blue Demons!

Thank God…I swear I don’t think I could take another loss down there.

:flame: :bball: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast: :toast:
That my friends, is all I have to say about that!!!

Don’t you mean 49ers win? :smiley:

No shaving, same underpants, and a root canal. It was worth it just to beat St. Louis!!! :smiley:

Can we start a petition now to kick St. Louis out of the A10?

If not for C-Dub we sould have been blown out tonight. Nice win though.

39 points…doesn’t that equal our team output a few years back.


Exceeds it by 3 actually