Sold out (9105)

The game was listed as a sell out. Did anyone notice any empty seats?


There were a few at the top, but not many. More people there tonight than at the DePaul game. Crowd energy/noise was great!

Maybe a hundred or two but it was an electric crowd. Coach said on post game that it was the best non-Cincy crowd ever.

Yeah, there weren’t too many empty seats at all. Much less than DePaul.

There were probably 200 or so empty seats that were very spread out…could hardly tell. But I agree with Lutz’s postgame comment that it was the most electric, non-Cincy crowd we’ve ever had in Halton. The place was fantastic and a HUGE props to C-SET (and Signature Sports) for the shirts…from up where I was, it looked GREAT. Hopefully that’s a start to a great tradition.

Great crowd tonight but we need to pack the place on Saturday. Hopefully some the sorority girls who only show up for this one game will stick around once halftime ends, unlike most years.