Some interesting stuff on Boeheim, his successor Mike Hopkins & Charlotte

Andy Katz article…

University spokesperson Kevin Quinn declined to comment to about whether Boeheim’s job security was at stake following the firing of Fine, who has been accused of molestation by three men.

A source familiar with the situation said Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins plans on succeeding Boeheim as head coach whenever Boeheim steps aside as Orange coach, due to an “iron-clad contract” that was revamped and approved by the board of trustees two years ago.

Hopkins was first tabbed as Boeheim’s head coach designate in 2007. But, according to the source, the contract had “holes in it.” But after Hopkins flirted with leaving the Orange two years ago, and was interviewed by Charlotte, the contract was restructured.

The pact had to be approved by the chancellor and the board of trustees, according to the source. Hopkins, who played for Boeheim at Syracuse from 1989 to 1993, has been the top assistant under Boeheim for the last five years, even though Fine held the title associate head coach. The source said that Fine was promoted but not given a raise at the time and remained bitter about the Hopkins promotion.

Wonder what Hopkins would’ve been like as the head coach.

If Boeheim leaves because of the Fine situation it would surprise me that a member of his current staff could take over. Boeheim leaving would be a last-resort, cut off the limb to save the body response to what is going on. Keeping Hopkins is not cleaning house, so they might as well keep Boeheim unless something comes out that he actually knew what was going on, like Paterno did. Hopkins may end up kicking himself for not coming to Charlotte (if that was an option).

Well, he’d be great at covering things up!

Well, he’d be great at covering things up![/quote]We sure could use someone that could cover up our team’s deficiencies.