South Carolina Football Parking

Hey everyone, I contacted the South Carolina ticket office about gameday parking down there. I told them I’m bringing a mini bus, it does fit into a normal parking space and asked which lots would be best for it? I spoke with the Trey, he said the Woodstock lot would be best option. They do paint the lines for parking, but there is more space than other lots. He said you can buy them on, and it is one of the cheaper lots for $30. The Woodstock lot is on the far left of the pic below. It might be a link. You enter through National Guard Rd. Other info for tailgating is if you’re in the Gamecock Park are this lots open 6 hrs before kickoff and 8am for noon games. All other lots are 5 hours before kickoff or 8am for noon games.


The Office Reaction GIF

clt provides a gametime forecast


I have thrown in with the Alumni Association in Gamecock Park. That is only .3 miles from the stadium. We will be smack dab in the middle of enemy territory. The AA has a bus of students and a bus of alums making the trip so decided I should set up the ambulance next to them. Like Clemson, anyone and everyone is welcome to come join in. We always have extra beer and food.