Southern Miss Postgame

We actually played a pretty good game. We were done in by turnovers in crunch time. Supica was the worst offender with five.

We also gave up too many open threes.

Robb and Younger both played well and Younger in particular seems to be taking his game to another level. Have to admire Robb’s hustle and hard nosed attitude.

Mangum was mostly invisible and Martin is working his way back. A healthy and non rusty Martin could have been the X factor tonight.

JD was well defended. He shot poorly but managed to get to the line quite a bit. He also made some bad turnovers when we blew our nine point lead.

Just hope the guys can stay upbeat with all these close losses.

Last 4 games have been within 5 points at the end. Not getting blown out at least.

Why is Bo in the game so much? He has healthy scholarship players right?

Game day organizers, are you entertaining the fans that come every game or the visiting crowd? Why the same timeout entertainment EVERY game? Is there no variety? Options? Is it set it and forget it? Damn. It gets so routine and boring. Do something different!!! It can’t be that hard. Every single game! The ball jousts is the only good thing. Just do that 25x per game.

Walked out of Halton angry for the first time in a long time. Nice to be pissed when we lose again.

JD passes cornbread. Hats off.

McGill was great on O, not great on D

Robb is much more aggressive after his injury. I like this Robb.

Younger is gonna be special if he continues to develop.

Martin was rusty, but it was good to see him out there.

If we can ever get Supica to play a true 4 role, he will be dominant.

Haslim is in much better shape. You can tell he’s worked hard.

Mangum struggled.

Offense looks much better as the season goes. So does D. Coach Sanchez is legit. We are competing in this league with half a roster.

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Supica will be abused on D at the 4.

Mangum played 5 minutes. A walk-on played more minutes and didnt play good. I’d like to see Mangum get some more minutes to get confortable out there.

Not sure what is going on with Mangum, but he is in the dog house and doesnt seem to be coming out. Must not be doing what coach wants. We should have fed the post more, especially to Haslem. They had no one that could defend him based on height.

Didnt like the one on one JD did the last two possessions. Wish he had of passed and let it come back to him.

We fought hard, and I hated to lose this game. Quick turnaround twice coming up. Guys will be tired come Monday afternoon.

Loved the basket Robb made where he drove from the corner, did a 360 spin, then put up an underhanded layup. Straight off the playground, and completely abused his man.


Why did haslem take flagrant/tech FTs? What was the call? Also, Can’t anyone on the floor take flagrant fts?

He has been playing the 4 and 5 all season.

Intentional foul was called. I think the fouled player has to take those (not like a technical).

That was a game we should, not could, but should have won.

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That was a frustrating loss. Davis is a good player, but he is missed helping with the evolution of this team over the last five minutes. He was having an off night so he should have drawn the defense and kicked to open players. He tried too much and I think it hurt the overall team. The only way for these guys to grow is to give them opportunities. I think he needs to learn that for the team to keep improving.