Speculation on our Record?

Looking @ our regular season schedule (27 games) We could go 22-5 with Losses to Bama, Valpo, a split w/ Cincy, Indiana, & of course…@ St. Louis (we’ve NEVER won there). What does everyone else think???

As somebody said here the other day, this is a year for breaking longstanding trends. We will beat St. Louis on their floor, we will go deeper than the second round, barring injuries or suspensions, we will not lose the games we are supposed to win.

Valpo. Dead!
St. Louis. Dead!
Niedermier. Dead!

Go Forty Niners!

This is the year I expect us to run the table in Halton, so no loss to the Crimson Tide.

Potential Ls this season would be on the road to the usual suspects - Cincy, Indiana, Louisville, Marquette, Saint Louis, and UAB. I don’t expect us to lose all of those, but that’s where the losses will come from.

Schedule pulled from previous thread. Sagarin ratings are listed after each school. As I said before, we need 22 wins to deem the regular season a success. Lofty goals but this has to be the YEAR.

11/22 RUTGERS 71
11/27 @Valparaiso 122
12/04 ALABAMA 27
12/08 @Davidson 137
12/22 @Indiana 41
12/28 Yale (Cable Car Classic) 198
12/29 Santa Clara/C.Conn.St. 147
01/08 ECU 141
01/12 @ UAB 56
01/15 SAINT Louis 69
01/19 @ Cincinnati 18
01/22 @ Marquette 37
01/26 TCU 140
01/29 @ECU 141
02/09 HOUSTON 190 (Ughhhhh)
02/12 @Saint Louis 69
02/16 DEPAUL 66
02/19 @Tulane 169
02/23 MEMPHIS 28
02/26 SO. MISS (HC) 143
03/03 @Louisville 26
03/05 @ USF 144

It would be nice to go into St Louis & score more than 50 for a change…We’ve got the lineup to beat them, but we’ve had the lineup to beat them for the last 6 years!
Obviously, we’re gonna lose some games. It would be nice to lose the ones we’re expected to lose & whip all the scrubs we’re expected to whip. we could lose the big out of Conf. games If we could just WIN THE CONF. TITLE 1 LAST TIME!!!

27 and 0

The only really acceptable loss on the non-conf. sched. is at Indiana. I think we can beat them this year (we should have beat them before if we just wouldn’t implode to close out the games). Some of you may say Alabama but we have to protect the home court. I will be disappointed if we lose that game.

As far as Saint Louis - this has got to be the year we beat them on thier home court. It makes me sick every time we lose there. BOBBY, IF YOU READ THIS BOARD - BEAT THE FREAKIN’ BILLIKINS JUST ONCE ON THEIR COURT BEFORE WE LEAVE CONFERENCE USA.

We also owe the Rajin’ Cajuns a butt whoppin’ after losing to them in our tournament two years ago (getting killed might be a better description). I don’t think it will be a problem though.

Going out west always scares me a little but it should be good practice for tournament time. We cannot let one of those teams sneak up on us. When was the last time we had success on the left coast?

I think the league sched. sets up nice for us. The only real difficult away game (besides Cincy) we have (as far as we will not be expected to win) is at Louisville although we have had success up there. I would love nothing more than to kick Pitino’s ass since he will never play us again. We can win the rest. Marquette is down, UAB is down, and we should get the Saint Louis monkey off our back.

I say we go 23 - 4 with the following losses:

at Indiana
at Cincy
vs. Memphis
at Louisville

we win the Conference USA Tourney and get a 5 seed for the NCAA’s (due to a weaker than normal sched.)

:toast: :toast: :toast: :toast:



with losses

at Cincy
at Louisville
and one that will surprise us

21 and 6 We always lose some games we shouldn’t

[i]Originally posted by tm49er[/i]@Nov 10 2004, 07:34 PM [b] 19-8 [/b]
So not as good as last year?


You can do the math and figure that one out.

Drop one at cincinatti, drop one at louisville, and another at either indiana or when Alabama comes to halton. All in all I expect from 21-25 wins, if we don’t fall asleep in a game we should dominate.

[b]So not as good as last year? [/b]

We always lose a game or 2 that we shouldn’t. Not sure how our PG spot is going to play out this year. That may cost us a game or 2. Plus we’re coming off a very good year and other teams know we can play. We can’t sneak up on anyone this year.

[b] We always lose a game or 2 that we shouldn't.[/b]

Not this year. This year we’re rocking it to Russia and whipping that camel’s ass with a belt.

Final record: 33-0, NCAA Champs


I think that would be

27 regular season wins
3 CUSA tournament wins
6 NCAA tournament wins.

36-0, right?

Unless you’re suggesting with decline our CUSA tournament bid.
That’d be funny. :slight_smile:

I predict 23-4 for the regular season.
I predict a losses in:@ UAB,

One more loss most likely from somethere I least expect.

I’m predicting 3-24, so as not to offend the basketball gods.

my bad, 36-0.

Let’s get it on!!!

I’m gonna guess 23-4 as well. I think it could do even better though because every game on the schedule is very winnable for this team.