St. Joe's player suspended for giving the bird, twice vs Nova

RT @EyeOnCBB: St. Joe’s suspends player two games for giving two middle fingers. Fair?

2 since they lost. 1 if they won

Tuesday night’s Philadelphia Big 5 rivalry game taught St. Joe’s forward Halil Kanacevic a lesson in sportsmanship the hard way. After struggling for the first 30 minutes of the game, Kanacevic hit a three with 9:57 left to play, putting the Hawks up 50-47. To celebrate, Kanacevic flipped off the Villanova student section.

None of the officials saw the incident and because there was no contact on the play, they could not review it.
Later in the game, with St. Joe’s up 61-60 and 45.8 seconds remaining, Kanacevic rimmed out two key free throws.
40 seconds after that, with 3.5 to play and Villanova up 63-61, Kanacevic attempted to inbound the ball off Villanova’s Maurice Sutton. Kanacevic had the ball ricochet off Sutton and then his own body, giving Villanova the ball and, consequently, the game.

Kanacevic finished the game with four points, three of them coming from the field goal that inspired the obscene hand gesture. St. Joe’s Halil Kanacevic flipped off Villanova student section, then gave away the game

I’d say Martelli gave him one game on the bench for the flip off, then another for losing the game.

Good piece by CCT’s DiSano on this game and St. Joe’s season thus far. Loss to ‘Nova a flashpoint for Saint Joe’s?

15 schools in the BE want to know what’s wrong with flipping off Nova? :))