Stadium Journey-Halton

“While the men’s basketball program at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte may not perform as well on the court as its parent institution in Chapel Hill,”


I guess that’s an easy enough mistake for a non-fan to make, but I’d assume whoever is doing these write ups is at least passingly familiar with college basketball. Chapel Hill is as much our parent as they are NC State’s.

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We have bleacher seats in Halton?

I wondered the same thing. I have never seen them.

Second piece I’ve read today making the mistake of referring to a school as a branch campus - the other being the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

Anyway, I suppose one could make the argument that UNC-CH is our “parent” since we were initially one of a dozen satellite centers opened statewide in 1946 to serve returning WWII veterans, but that relationship ended in 1949.