Starting Lineups

Typically, in the past, the starting lineup introductions for exhibition games have been really subdued, ala the more traditional schools, such as Duke or Indiana. This means no music, no lights, no dramatics. We save the good stuff for the season.

Seeing as today is Election Day with the “You Decide” theme, I thought it might be nice to see what everyone thinks about subdued intros vs. all out pregame mania for Pfeiffer and LBSU.

Listen, I know the PA system sucks because of acoustics. And half of you don’t like to hear me bring in the monster trucks, and half of you can’t get enough.

But I just want to know what you think …

Also, we will have new intro music this season, but I know for sure that won’t be unveiled until Rutgers. More from the stylings of DJ Billy Mac.

Definitely go subdude tonight. I know. It’s subdued. :lol: We don’t need flashy for a exhib game. Spice it up for the home opener of course.

I think we should skip the music on intros for exhibitions games, but keep the excitement when announcing the players. I also think they should wear their regular unis for exhibition games. I hate it when they wear the practice unis. Any word on if the new unis will be unveiled tonight?

I’m with Mr. Bo on this one HIH. Keep the excitement, but save all of the other hoopla for the home opener against LBSU. After all, this is just a practice game. :slight_smile:

I hope the new unis are on display tonight, but I kinda doubt they will be. Remember the pennies versus Nash’s team last year…just makes it seem like it’s not even an exhibition. Oh well…we’ll see.

Throw them all a curve, and introduce the non-starters!

I agree, go to SubDude, foods great.

[i]Originally posted by Smoothieking[/i]@Nov 2 2004, 01:31 PM [b] Throw them all a curve, and introduce the non-starters! [/b]
Or you could play the music and run the light show for Pfeiffer. That would make them feel good.
[i]Originally posted by hootie[/i]@Nov 2 2004, 01:34 PM [b] I agree, go to SubDude, foods great. [/b]
haha hell yeah. good stuff