Stat boards

Quit swapping the stats boards!


I think a fan requested they get swapped back and forth on Twitter.

This fan requests that they Quit! It’s aggravating

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It is nice if you’re in a seat where only one is visible

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If only people had a device they could hold in their hands to view stats on demand :thinking:

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Agreed. If doesn’t alternate…I never see the other team stats.

I loved it.

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This will probably only be an issue for a short time longer. I’m sure modern stat boards will be a part of the master plan.

Exactly… Hang the stats above the overhead scoreboard and the problem is solved.

30 seconds was a little aggressive on switching so I get the complaint. Maybe move to like 2 minutes?

I can’t argue that. I loved that it switched but didn’t really pay attention to how often. A several minute lapse is good for me…as long as it switches at some point.

I nearly had a Grand Mal seizure from the too frequent switching.

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I blame @itsbraille49

My toddler is what I have my hands on all game, he doesn’t know any stats.

PLEASE stop the stat switching.

I honestly loved the stat switching, sitting behind the goal I can’t read the far board


I was more shitting on the people that are too impatient to wait for the board to change than you. I thought the switching was fine.

Switching is fine for me. I just wish the teams logo was a little more pronounced. It always took me a sec to figure out which teams board was up.

The Frankenstein boards look old though. Need to be way bigger and fit the wall.

Well, Gene said a better solution than switching is to buy more boards, so they’ll probably be installed tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two 70” TVs would be an improvement both in size and clarity…and they cost almost nothing. I’m honestly a little surprised we are still using these boards.