Stats of the day

Eddie Badsen is already rewriting the 49ers career steals record with 242. Keith Williams is second with 236.

Basden is #10 in career rebounding with 702. He could easily go as high as #6, #9 Bob Lemmond (705), #8 Kevin King (739), #6 Melvin Johnson and Lew Massey (740).

He is #11 in career free throws made with 262. #10 Jobey Thomas made 263.

Finally, Basden is currently 21st in 49ers career scoring with 955 points, 13 behind #20 Bobby Potts.


Nice job Eddie. Mr Versatality to say the least.

Haven’t seen Bobby Potts name in a while. When I was in school they had a cake course called Fundamentals of Coaching Basketball that a lot of people took just to get credits. It was always full of members of the basketball team (imagine that). For my final exam, I had to instruct Bobby Potts on shooting free throws. At the time, he was #4 in the NCAA in free throws so that was a tough exam :lol: I still take partial credit for that :rolleyes: