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Hmmm, I wonder if any team has ever had two national statistical leaders in the same week. Also, Bobby sure seems to schedule three-point shooting teams back to back to back. :smiley:

NCAA Individual Stats, through 12/06
Three-Point Field Goals Made Per Game – 1st, Brendan Plavich, 4.8
Three-Point Field Goal Percentage – 49th, Brendan Plavich, 49.0
Blocked Shots Per Game – 28th, Martin Iti, 2.6
Steals Per Game – 1st, Eddie Basden, 4.4

NCAA Team Stats, through 12/06
Scoring Offense – 8th in NCAA at 86.8
1 Alabama 91.7
4 George Washington, 89.2
10 Louisville, 86.6
Field Goal Percentage – 28th in NCAA at 49.8
10 George Washington, 52.1
17 Alabama. 51.5
Three-Point Field Goals Per Game – 8th in NCAA at 9.8
15 Louisville, 9.4
21 Georgia State, 9.2
21 Davidson, 9.2
23 Alabama, 9.1
Assists Per Game – 39th in NCAA at 17.4
33 George Washington, 17.5
Steals Per Game – 7th in NCAA at 12.4
4 Alabama Birmingham, 13.5

Source: NCAA

Good stuff. How about dunks per game, individual? Iti must average 3 per. How many dunks did Jarvis have?

I’m seeing different numbers for Plavich. The main page of says 4.8 per game. Stats and this indicates 5.2 and 53.4 %.

NOTES (Supplied by 49ers Sports Information): Plavich leads the country in three-pointers made. He has hit 31-of-58 this season (.534), which is 5.2/game. He hit seven straight threes in the second half, after missing his first second half attempt.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Dec 9 2004, 12:56 PM [b] Good stuff. How about dunks per game, individual? Iti must average 3 per. How many dunks did Jarvis have? [/b]
Not sure exactly how many but Iti has a LONG way to go before catching up with him. Jarvis was an absolute stud. If I'm not mistaken, he averaged 20 points and 10 boards as a [b]freshman[/b]. Majority of those points came with his hands coming in contact with the rim.

Would love to have been able to see Jarvis play. Everything I’ve ever heard tells me he was an absolute stud.

he was the man.

[i]Originally posted by LeftyNiner[/i]@Dec 9 2004, 12:56 PM [b] How many dunks did Jarvis have? [/b]
Dunks in a Game: 6, Jarvis Lang vs. Pepperdine, 1/4/94 Dunks in a Season: 54 (28 games), Jarvis Lang, 1993-94 Dunks in a Career: 162 (113 games, Jarvis Lang, 1991, 1992-95

There was a reason why they called him β€œBang” Lang. I swear he had the sickest dunks ever made by a 49er. The most memorable one was against (I think?) Louisville, where he caught a clanked shot off the back of the rim behind his back and then brought it forward all in one motion and slammed it through. He fell down after it. His hand musdt have been 6 inches above the top of the backboard to get the ball. :blink: He had a bunch of dunks against NC A&T in Greensboro. Even the A&T crowd started cheering his dunks.