Step away from the ledge...

Ul at their house on senior night. They were on. We didn’t bring the A game.

A few observations:

It’s okay, if not expected.

Plavich kept us close for a while. However, he can’t gaurd me.

Bladwin is good with the ball. Please learn to shoot a little to make people respect you.

Write it off. Win Saturday and beat these guys on a neutral floor next Saturday.

22-5. Make sure of it. The 2 seed is okay.

I don’t think anyone is on the ledge because of this one. We all wanted to win really badly but most of us knew it would be a very difficult task. The biggest frustrastions are just from how poorly we played on defense and Eddie not really living up to the hype in this one game. Tough loss because of the importance of it. But we all know we’re a much better team that what we saw tonight and we’ll be very dangerous in the postseason.

I’m not going to beat myself up over this one. Sucks to lose but we played a very tough team on their homecourt on Senior Night. Wasn’t our best effort…not much else I can say about it.

We’ll bounce back big time.

I am not surprised we lost. I shook my head on some of the wild predicitions some people came up with. We didn’t beat Depual or Memphis by more then 3 yet we are going to beat Ul by 5? 8? 10?

I am upset with what I believe was a poor effort and poor decision making by our players. Life goes on and we will be fine.

I call BS on the Plavich can’t guard you by the way unless you’re a 7’3, a track star, or have played at the college level.

Ask anybody that knows me. Trust me, he can’t guard me.

However, my point is that he can’t guard anybody.

It’s true, he can’t guard Hootie…

We all know Plavich can’t play D, but when he’s shooting like he was tonight you can’t take him out. Especially since we had no inside game going.