Stopped by to say Howdy...

Nice place y’all got here. It’s the same software as ours, and much easier to use. Y’all should really like it. Later…

What…no welcome? :frowning:

Hey kpig, how’s it going?

Don’t be a stranger…

[i]Originally posted by kpigout[/i]@Jun 22 2004, 10:56 PM [b] welcome? :( [/b]
Do you really want me to answer that kpig?
[i]Originally posted by NormanNiner[/i]@Jun 23 2004, 06:43 AM [b] Hey kpig, how's it going?

Don’t be a stranger… [/b]

Not too bad Norman…thanks for asking. And with you? Hope you are having a great summer.