Student Demographics Cliff - impact on college sports

Interesting discussion about a topic that gets brought up here somewhat regularly.

The graph shows acceptance rates on the X and % reliance on student tuition (and fees) for funding.

Charlotte stands a little weaker than average on acceptance rates (seriously? We are still 80%? I thought it had been cut closer to like 65%) and about average on tuition and fees reliance.

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clt is concerned about ecu. they have a very high acceptance rate and are seeing declining enrollment

we have the opposite scenario

It is. These numbers are way off or outdated. We were recently ranked as the third toughest admission in NC among public universities…after CH and NCSU.

More and more folks are realizing college is a bad deal for many. Professions like IT that may be better served with certifications or teaching where is makes no fiscal sense to pay more than required for the degree vs expected low compensation. The future of higher education is murky.

Fuller mentioned to me the incoming impact of schools like the University of Phoenix as well on our reliance on fees and an ever increasing student body. That the bias against those schools is breaking down from employers and may be more attractive vs traditional options. Even the impact of online learning creating a disconnect between student and school lessening the attend sporting events or later donate back.

I do think our positive is that being a near a population center will continue to assist us as more kids realize spending a crap ton of money to go “off” to school is stupid. I don’t want to return to commuter days, but the reality is those students are smarter and saving money. That will be a huge value proposition for us going forward.