Stupid Stuff You Did while Living on Campus

I ran into a guy who used to be my frosh RA in Moore Hall (all guys) the other day and over a couple of beers we got to remembering some of the crap my floor pulled back in the day. I’ve long since forgotten which parts were true and which were exaggerated, but they’re still great stories. One of my favorite stories involved a couple of idiots on my hall, a small spotlight and a PA system they smuggled to their rooms, and some Sanford residents (all female) who didn’t close their blinds at night, especially while changing clothes. Someone probably should have been arrested, but it was hilarious.

Then there were the typical pranks like penny locking people in their rooms (one poor guy missed a test cause no one would let him out), peanut butter on the door handles (try opening a greasy door when you’re drunk), super glue in the locks, the beer can wall in your doorway, reversing the eyehole/peep thing, the 30 gallon trash can full of water we propped against the RA’s door followed by a “ring & run”, and the time I drunkenly tagged along with one of the more attractive girls at our school and her roomate to flour bomb crazy frank’s room. The roommate, who was absolutely housed on cheap wine, slipped when she went to jump on the ziploc freezer bag, and instead of exploding under the door into frank’s room, it blew up in the hall and set the smoke detector off. It was about 3 AM. Another friend of ours was a girl’s floor RA. The alarm woke her up and she was pissed. The look on her face when we walked out of the highrise fire escape stairs, covered in flour… priceless… :smiley:

Ahh, memories… Does anyone else have a good prank story?

Well, although there were MANY from my freshman year…one of my favorites was the time my neighbor Rick and I decided to pull one over on another guy in the hall. When the other guy went in the shower, Rick and I snatched his clothes and towel. Then we closed the bathroom door from the outside, and tied it to the door across the hall with Hemp String.
At this point, of course, the other guy gets out of the shower and finds he has no clothes. He proceeds to run to the door to stick his head out and bitch at us for swiping his clothes…but the door won’t open since we roped it shut! It opens just far enough for the poor guy to peek out into the hall…only to see Rick and I sitting in the middle of the hall, with his clothes and towel, eating chips and drinking a beer.

Sure, we eventually let him out…about a half an hour and two or three beers later…

Freshman year, Poplar Hall, decorated with duct tape.


Although I never lived on campus at Charlotte, I have a good story from the UT apartments. It was my husband’s (back then just my boyfriend) birthday party and we got a keg. Well I was sitting out on the porch with a friend chatting and some frat boys from next door were leaving and walked by the balcony on the sidewalk. Well since I’m not much of a beer drinker and was plastered from taking shots, I decided to throw my beer on the guys walking by. I thought it would be really funny. So I did and they didn’t think that it was as funny as I did. So my friend and I ran back inside to hide. Well the guys came back upstairs ready to fight but no one that answered the door knew what happened. So I eventually slinked out, admitted to my little prank, and apologized. Off they went, and my husband hasn’t let me forget the time that I almost got him jumped by a pack of frat boys.

Had a roomate that peed in a tupperware lid, put it in the freezer, and slid the ice-disk of pee under someone’s unsuspecting door to leave a mysterious puddle in the middle of their room while they were out. :smiley:

I hate you all. I’ve been in school for 8 years and I’ve never lived on campus.

I wasted my whole youth.

[i]Originally posted by austinniner[/i]@Sep 30 2004, 11:18 AM [b] Had a roomate that peed in a tupperware lid, put it in the freezer, and slid the ice-disk of pee under someone's unsuspecting door to leave a mysterious puddle in the middle of their room while they were out. :D [/b]
THAT is awesome.

Most of my college follies came at the hands of being drunk of course. Went to a Chi Phi party and then attempted to walk back to campus, but went the wrong way (towards UT) and back then there was a house there and a field. Pitch dark, and me and a friend of mine tried to make it through the field and woods towards the lights coming from campus. I ran into a cow that was standing in the field and I freaked. We ran down this hill, and proceeded to fall into a creek. We eventually made it out and emerged from the woods behind Hawthorne. :blink:

I was only in Moore Hall (then all male) for one semester. The guy at the end of the hall was a stoner who slowly sold all of his posessions to buy pot. He always had some girl in his room. One night he comes to our door asking for rubbers. “Nope, fresh out.” A little later I was in the bathroom on the hall, taking care of business, when the girl comes out of his room (directly across the hall from the bathroom door) and goes to my stall and flings the door open. I’m sitting there like a deer in headlights. :unsure: She drunkenly apologizes and proceeds to the stall next to me.

I had some friends run one of those smoke machines they have in dance clubs in another guy’s room and shut the door. It ran for a while… When he got home he opens his door and I swear, it was a solid wall of smoke.

Yeah, pennylocking, the trashcan full of water, we did all that stuff. But probably the most bizarre thing was the food fight in the CAB. I think it was 1989… Someone started it with the fling of one piece of food, then the whole cafetria erupted in an Animal House style, full-on ballroom blitz. I heard several people were suspended, or maybe even kicked off campus for it.

I’ll think of more later…

Having trouble remembering this part of my life for some reason, oh yeah, the large amounts of alcohol. Have many fond fond memories of the moore hall days. The 500 degree WWII surplus boiler that supplied all the hot water and made showers a throughly sterilizing experience. The way I had to live in a study room due to overcrowding with the drunk offensive lineman and a crazy midget with buzz cutter. Good memories too though, for instance slipping porn under the christian coalitions door every sunday or dumping a box of overripe oranges on the guys who would come by at 3 in the morning and scream for no reason. Another lesson from fresman year, water ballons can break glass windows. By the way, the people that kept pulling the fire alarm at 3 AM, wasn’t funny the first time, still wasn’t funny the 345th time.
Did anyone live in Hunt village (or blunt village, etc.). What a dump, you and your desk couldn’t be in one of those rooms at the same time. Stray cats wandered in my apartment, their were holes in the wall and a mysterious steak smell that came out of the stove exhaust.
In summation, for those of you who lived on campus you know it was great times, just the actual living accomidations sucked, but hey its college right?

[i]Originally posted by DownwithNBA[/i]@Sep 30 2004, 02:02 PM [b] Did anyone live in Hunt village (or blunt village, etc.). In summation, for those of you who lived on campus you know it was great times, just the actual living accomidations sucked, but hey its college right? [/b]
Yep, I lived in Moore in 89 and then Hunt village in 90. Well, part of 1990, anyways.

I got a couple of open container violations in the dorms, a pissing in public and then we threw a keg party in Hunt village. One of our roommates reported us as the party was going on (needless to say he moved out rather quickly, afterwards). His buddy was the RA. :o :o Well, we hid the keg in the shower when the RA’s came knocking. Not good. They wrote us up for the keg, disruptive behavior?, and a noise violation. It was decided later in student court that it would be best for us to move off campus. We moved accross the street to Chateau Ghetto. Yep! Chateau Ghetto. :wacko: :o

Ahhhh The Ghetto. Man, how many nights did I pass out there.

Brings to mind the architecture crawl parties that usually started there. A different trash can of booze at each location, and we moved around enough to keep the cops off our backs.

Thinking back on it, I am amazed that I have any brain cells left. If I drank now like I did then, I’d be dead. The hot girls at those parties musta loved getting hit on by the guy with the formaldehyde breath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah yes, I attended many a soiré in the Ghett-ohhh. Over at Colville 2, we had some pretty big parties at our place, dubbed “The Pit”. We even had the b-ball players drinking with us. Gosh, I miss Frank Persley…

I’m not telling anything!

And if anyone still has that Super 8 movie of me at Jam-up, name the price.

I did The Showdawg girlfriend.

I actually still have a few of my “Communication Reports” from where I was written up in the dorm. Have one in my hand right now that reads:

[b]Name: "Jason ********"
Address: 521 Holshouser
Date: 11/22/91
Time: 3:30am
Location: 5th Floor

Incident Description: This morning around 3:18am, a girl from the 4th floor came up to tell me that someone from my floor was being very loud in the common area. It was Jason ******** (521). I had already warned him twice to be quiet. I told him to go to his room and go to bed but he said he didn’t feel like it. Once I got him to his room, he was very loud and told me to go ahead and write him up because I wasn’t $hit. I told him he was going to be written up. He had been drinking earlier.

Bryan Kelly
5th Floor RA[/b]

Just one (that I"ll admit to) of many from my days of living in Holshouser…

:smiley: :drink: :toast:

I was an RA in Moore in '80 and the guys on the front suite were a bunch of nerds (sorry guys if you read this board) that didn’t really know how they should have been spending their free time. They were always playing tricks on each other. It started out with all the usual stuff-- beer cans in the door, mayonaise packs under the buttons on the toilet seats, and baby powder in the hair-dryer (classic). This escalated to setting a neighbor’s alarm clock radio to go off loudly while they were in class at night, then calling campus cops to come open the door and turn it off so they could “study”. The cops came and got me to go in the room and turn it off, and while they were watching me one of the guys put tape over the hole in the latch that the lock went into so it didn’t secure. When the cops left they went in, rearranged all of the furniture, then left and locked the door. He could never figure out how they got in.

Then came the topper. One fellow had a VW bug and went to the parking lot to go somewhere and it was gone. He didn’t want to give them the pleasure of begging for them to tell him what they had done with it so he decided to say nothing and ruin the joke. Two days later he had had enough and confronted them. They denied it and it was unfriendly around there for a day or two. I got involved and the guys swore they hadn’t done anything. It turns out his car had been stolen and he waited four days to report it because he thought it was a joke. :lol:

[i]Originally posted by austinniner[/i]@Sep 30 2004, 12:18 PM [b] Had a roomate that peed in a tupperware lid, put it in the freezer, and slid the ice-disk of pee under someone's unsuspecting door to leave a mysterious puddle in the middle of their room while they were out. :D [/b]
I taught that trick to Bandit......we did it to another roomate so many times that we had him convinced he was peeing in the floor in his sleep.
[i]Originally posted by jcl49er[/i]@Sep 30 2004, 04:10 PM [b] Just one (that I"ll admit to) of many from my days of living in Holshouser....

:smiley: :drink: :toast: [/b]

The Ho-House is the best place on Campus to waste a year of your life.

One time, two guys left their door open, so we stole all their shit and totally ravaged their room. Flipped the beds over, pulled the clothes off the racks.

That was about the meanest thing we did (to a friend), but it was funny to see them so pissed off.

Most of my stories would get me in trouble still, so lets just say highrise life is something all UNC Charlotte students should experience.

Just remembered some more…

I had a buddy of mine had this fake plastic pile of dog crap that looked real as hell (probably made from a mold of a real pile!). I set it right outside on the sidewalk in front of Moore Hall and then sat down on the brick knee wall where the trees were (is it still there?). It was hilarious watching people avoid it, or nearly step on it and then go “Ooooooooo!”. LOL ! I decided to raise the stakes a bit, so after these two girls walked past it and made their “Gross!” comments, I walked over to it, picked it up, and pretended to put it in my mouth. The look on their faces was absolutely priceless.

Those of you who watch NASCAR, you might know who Marty Snider is (NBC pit reporter). I went to high school with him and he lived on the floor below me in Moore. He was into hi fi stereo stuff and he had these old Bose speakers that were massive. He got ahold of a tape of sound effects of helicopters and played it out his window with the blinds covering the speaker. He had it cranked up loud, and we watched as people walking outside looked around for a landing helicopter. :lol:

Can anyone say they’ve swam in the front pond in February? :rolleyes: