sucessful individual season

it’s a little dead on here, so i thought i would get some discussion going. for each player, what would you consider to be a very successful individual season? i mean this in terms of relatively realistic projections based on their skill set. here are my thoughts:

davis-first team all conference(possibly 2nd bc evans at rice shoots more and plays the same position and has less weapons around him). significantly improved defensive skills and consistently having 3 or less turnovers per game. i believe he could make himself into an nba player this season. also, improved three point shooting.

obogozue- 2nd. or 3rd. team all conference. consistency. continuing his play from the end of last season into next season.

white-2nd. or 3rd. team all conference. i think he has the skills for first team but we have a lot of weapons in the backcourt, so that may limit his numbers a bit. improvement with off the ball defense. three point shooting is there but an improvement in his dribble drive game would make him very difficult to guard.

van hook- improved ball handling skills. this could limit him as a liability being a small four, and make him a tough matchup, with the ability to take bigger guys off the dribble. improving as a three point shooter to about 35% from three.

benas- toughness. 3rd. team all conference. i dont project that he will make any all conference team, but he has the skills to be the third best center in the league if properly coached and if he improves in a few areas(namely heart and toughness). improvement on defense. he will probably never be an all defensive team player or hakeem as a shotblocker but he could be solid in those areas.

jackson-conference freshman of the year(or all conference team bc he will not likely play a ton of minutes). averaging 12ppg. and 3 assists per game. limiting turnovers as the season hits the halfway point. solid, consistent defensive effort.

washington-5-7 rpg. 8-9 ppg. very good passer. good defender who can give us 0.5 bpg.

bergang- flashes of skill. i dont expect, even if he surpases my expectations, him to be a consistent weapon. i just want to see games where he shows us what he is capable of. if he has a few games where he gets hot from three, with a couple of midrange jumpers and an occasional dunk, i’d consider it a good season for him. not to be too much of a liabliity on defense. some post skills.

price- solid play. not expecting him to be all conference or nba good but 7-8 ppg. and 4-5 rpg. is reasonable. decent defender. 40% from three is doable for him. the ability to play a couple of positions and to guard wings reasonably well.

ajukwa- all defensive team. need him to be the lockdown defender on the team. from what i read about his team at clemson, that appears to be where he excels. lockdown the other teams best backcourt player. guard 1-3 and get a decent amount of steals. 30-35% from three is doable.

murphy- 4-5 ppg. give us depth. 35% or higher from three. he is known as a pretty good three point shooter, so i think that is reasonable. i think he might have limitations that davis and jackson dont have but he might be a better shooter than them so if he could be a zone buster, that would be great. don’t be a liablity on defense. improve as the season goes on and dont look overwhealmed by division one basketball. i dont mean that as a slight(he had some good offers). dont turn the ball over a lot.

garvin- make us daydream about how could he can be in 2017. show us that big time athletisism. be a lockdown defender capable of guarding small forward and power forward. showcase your ballhanddling. i believe that he could be the steal of the newcomers. improve his post skills during the season. 30% from behind the arc. one or two plays per game that make us go “wow”.(also should have written that for jackson). possibly all rookie team.

aube- continue doing what you do. he has some skills. hopefully he doesnt have to play more than 5-10 mpg. but when he is in, continue playing good defense and an occasional block or bucket here and there would be helpful.

please note that these are my expectations for if these guys play their best. i am not saying that this is what i expect, although i think that these are reasonable goals.

I’m not sure about individual successes but this is by far the most athletic teams we have had in years between Ajukwa, Jackson, White, Washington, and Garvin…can probably throw Price and Davis in there as well…Some of the highlight posts on social media they have been putting up are legit!!! Can’t wait for football and basketball this fall and winter…big things coming for the Niners!

I agree with most of what is stated. i feel that if everyone can improve defensively that will have the biggest impact on our season. Also it would help substantially if benas can learn to guard the five. That would give Price much more freedom with the lineup. We all know this team will be able to score. I think JC Washington will be very important to our lineup.not sure what he’ll provide offensively but if he can grind and get offensive rebounds, make the easy layup, and guard the 4 and 5, this would also give Price flexibility. I’m curious where we will use Ajukwa. With his athleticism, length, and height I would hope that he could guard the 2-4. This will be a very important season for the future with Price at the helm, and I am very excited for it.

totally agree with this. we have a lot of big time athletes. not too many david booker’s or ian anderssen’s on the team. what i also like is that this team looks like they really get along, work really hard, and are getting really good coaching.

I feel really good about this teams athleticism. The center position is the biggest question I’m sure we all have. Will we play super small or will Beans or Bergang step up? Can Beans play tougher?

We shall see.