Sun Belt - leadership change, etc

Moss2k floats Judy for this gig.

Not THAT Judy.

The OTHER Judy.

clt asks why you would step down from the greatest conf eva

and co-founded by the Charlotte 49ers

He really did a great job if we are being honest. Sun belt did a great job getting football games in front of eye balls.

Will officially retire next June, capping a 29 year run as a college athletic conference commissioner - MAC (1990-94), WAC (1994-2012), and SBC (2012-2019).

Sun Belt will implement their version of the pod system in MBB in 2019-20. Similar to C-USA but not identical - SBC will divide into two 6-team divisions, will have four 3-team pods, and play a 20 game conference schedule. Will employ the “final four bonus play” after 16 games - 10 within division and 6 versus non-divisional foes.