Sunday night...Team, ESPN regional & OCharleys

Jcl, you may want to add this to HP’s post, too. I got some more details on it.

Just for clarification from some earlier posts: The thing at OC’s is not really a Pairings Party. The 49ers team is invited to be at ESPN Regional’s headquarters in Charlotte for the Pairings announcement from 5:30-7:30. They will be at O’Charley’s with Coach afterwards (approx 8:00). Bobby will have his one-hour show from 8-9 (WFNZ 610 AM).


Good opportunity to congratulate the players and express your support for a good season, even if the ending stung a bit.

That’s okay, though, today is the start of a new season. Venting over, let’s shock the world and be “sweet”.